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Twelve years in the high-end remodel and new construction business has taught us a lot. However one thing we learned is that as time went on, the quality of building materials continuously decreased. Craftsmanship seemed to be a luxury item rather than an absolute necessity. It was our dream to build a line of intelligently designed products focused on beauty and longevity. Thus, Copper Ford Metalworks was born in 2019. 


Chris Masotti

   For as long as I can remember, I've always had a passion for creating. My father is an outstanding craftsman and this wisdom was certainly not lost on me. Following in his footsteps I spent the first part of my career providing the finest woodworking, kitchen/bath fittings, and stone installations in our home town of Winter Park, FL. As my business grew we found ourselves focused more and more on outdoor living applications, namely Florida decks and docks. This draw and connection to the outdoors perfectly aligns with the mission of our newest venture.


   In 2019 we officially made the move to our new home, a quiet 23 acre farm in the hills of Hendersonville, NC. This was a turning point for us and allowed us to focus on developing a line of high quality outdoor products in stainless steel and weather resistant hardwoods that will last a lifetime. The first of which are our impeccable handrail systems however you can look forward to many new products in the future from Copper Ford Metalworks!

Matt Masotti
Site Manager

I got started working as an apprentice under my father doing remodels of high-end homes in Winter Park, FL. Most of my experience focuses in tile/stone and carpentry work. I then went on to work with Chris building decks and docks from 2017 until our move to Hendersonville in 2019. Since the launch of Copper Ford Metalworks, I have continued to grow as a precise and careful stainless finisher and have begun training as our site manager.

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