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Our Vision

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Made in America

Every product Copper Ford Metalworks installs is custom-built to your project's specifications by experts right here in Western North Carolina. Everything we source comes from local distributors and US based manufacturers. This means you can rest assured that every dollar you spend goes directly into exceptional family businesses just like ours. 

Truth to Materials

Our thoughtful product design focuses on this fundamental tenet of modern architecture. Each product is created by selecting the highest quality materials which perfectly serve not only form, but function in their natural state. This means a stunning product with little to no maintenance that will last a lifetime.



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The Seamless Advantage

Our handrail systems are designed to be truly seamless regardless of shape or length. This is something that no other handrail product can offer you and it translates to a major difference. There are no joints to loosen up, no rusting fasteners, and no obtrusive posts interrupting the grab surface of the handrail. This feature makes for a look of lasting beauty that truly stands alone.




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